Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the adoption fee? $150 for an adult cat and $275 for a kitten.

What is the adoption process? Please see the Adoption Policies and Procedures tab for a full explanation of our adoption process.

Can I reserve a specific kitten? No, we do not reserve specific kittens. Our adoption events are designed to allow adopters to meet the available kittens and select the kitten with the right personality for their family.

Do you accept credit/debit cards? No, unfortunately we do not accept cards. We accept cash, checks and Venmo.

How do I register for an adoption event? Registrations open in the registration page of our website at 6pm on the Thursday prior to a scheduled adoption event.

How can I tell when an event is scheduled? Scheduled events are listed in the registration tab.

Can I attend an event without registering? No, we only schedule enough appointments for the number of available kittens.

Do I need to be approved to adopt prior to registering for an adoption event? Yes, you need to have an approved application. We recommend applying at least one week prior to a scheduled event to ensure we have enough time to review your application.

How long does it take for an application to be reviewed? We are an all volunteer rescue so application review can vary, but generally at least a week is needed to complete review.

I applied, why haven’t I received a response? If an application is incomplete, it will not be reviewed. This could include failing to respond to a question, failing to provide permission to your vet to conduct a reference, or failure to include your lease if you are a renter.

I rent but do not have a lease, how do I complete my application? If you do not have a lease, you will need to submit a signed and notarized letter from your landlord authorizing adoption. This also applies if you live with family and are not the head of household.

Are the cats/kittens up to date on shots upon adoption? Yes, all of our cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, and medically up to date for their age prior to adoption.

Can I adopt outside of a scheduled adoption event? Unless a cat/kitten is specifically posted on our facebook page as available outside of an event, no. All of our cats and kittens stay in foster homes, we do not have a full time shelter and therefore our adoption events are the primary method used for adoptions.

Can I meet the kittens prior to a scheduled event? No, all of our cats and kittens stay in foster homes prior to an event.

How do I tell which kittens will be at an adoption event? We post the available kittens the Wednesday prior to a scheduled event on facebook and our website.

How old do I need to be to adopt? 21 years of age.